Five biggest bets on horse racing


The five biggest bets on horse racing might shock a lot of people. Some of these bets actually were successful. However, given the size of the bets, it actually doesn’t always feel as if the winners were truly successful even if they were. Seeing them win is a little more like watching a person almost get crushed to death and avoiding it.



When people play the most popular table games, they are typically risking only a little money for the sake of a fairly large jackpot. This is just not the case for a lot of the large horse racing bets. People often risked huge amounts of money. Horse racing fans might be familiar with the Kentucky Disaster.



After winning 100,000 dollars at a less major horse race, an inexperienced gambler bet it all at the Kentucky Derby, presumably on a horse that he assumed would be a proverbial dark horse. The horse actually did lose, and so did he, in spite of his earlier victory. All gamblers should know to quit while they’re ahead, knowing that victories are to be cherished and not risked again.



William Hill had a somewhat different story, in that he had experienced some major losses previously. He later placed a very daring bet of 500,000 pounds. Shockingly enough, this one managed to work out, and he managed to still get ahead in spite of a lot of his earlier losses.



Sadly, not all gamblers will get second chances like William Hill. Relatively recently, a wealthy couple made an incredibly risky bet at the Del Mar horse races. They had two million dollars in life savings, and they genuinely decided to bet it all on a single horse. As is often the case in situations like this, they lost. While the couple was supposedly drunk at the time, most drunken mistakes do not cost people such a staggering amount of money.



People should also never be led in by the name of a horse. A horse called Big Bucks might seem like a sure bet. One gambler decided that Big Bucks was so sure to win that he could risk 796,000 dollars on that possibility. Sadly, even the most successful racing horses will eventually falter, and that was what happened here.



Of course, a horse connected to one of the most successful bets in horse racing history was called A Dream Come True. The gambler who bet on this horse managed to win one million dollars on this horse. This is the sort of situation that a lot of people dream about, although this successful gambler was also clearly taking a huge risk in the process.



Ultimately, a lot of horse racing fans just need to keep their bets in perspective in order to find a way to enjoy the game without risking too much. There have been some successful people who bet everything. There have also been people who lost everything in a horse race. There is no reason for a simple horse race to change a person’s entire life in a negative way.


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