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While some jockeys are known for their major title wins, others tend to better known for their jovial personalities to make up for a lack of wins. Thankfully for Paul Carberry, he manages to combine the two of them together. Having retired in 2016, Carberry was an impressive jockey with many big wins along the way in a career that’s seen its own fair share of highs and lows as time went on.

Known for his time on the back of Harchibald, where he arguably formed his best partnership, Carberry was a jockey known for an irrepressible spirit and a personality that made him stand out amongst his contemporaries. However, his career was also known for having its fair share of controversies.

Career Summary

While winning the Grand National in 1999 and the Welsh National in 2013 bookended a happy and successful career, Carberry was a man known for sometimes attracting controversy during his career. From being sentenced to jail for lighting a newspaper on fire during a flight (we’ve all done it!), to failing a breath test in 2009, he’s been involved with a few brushes with the law.. some would argue that he’s missed out on some opportunities during his career beecause of this.

Take that away, though, and you have a very impressive and talented jockey waiting at the other end. Recognised for both his personality and his quality in performance. It’s the classic style of Carberry to be involved in controversy as well as the big wins – a mix that has provided a memorable career and character. While he’s now retired, the sport will miss his eccentric and engaging nature.

Achievements & Highlights

Major Wins – Grand National (1999), Fighting Fifth Hurdle (2004, 2007), Christmas Hurdle (2004, 2008), John James McManus Memorial Hurdle (2005), Welsh National (2013).

Associations – Harchibald, Sausilito Bay, Nicanor, Florida Pearl, Beef or Salmon, Solerina , Harbour Pilot, Hairy Molly, Bobbyjo.


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